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We believe education is the key to seeing lives rebuilt and communities impacted by conflict restored. We develop, support and inform education provision where it’s needed most to give young people the chance of a better future.

our values

We are empowering: Our aim is to develop projects that have a lasting impact by working alongside local communities, empowering and equipping them to provide access to relevant, high-quality education for all.

We are independent: Education is a basic human right. We remain independent of political, cultural and religious views, advocating for people regardless of their background and beliefs.

We work with integrity: We truly believe in what we stand for. We want to make sure people are Known within their community and that their needs are seen and understood; that they know that they are Valued and that their lives have purpose; and that they are shown compassion and Loved.

our vision

For everyone to have access to relevant, high-quality education as a basic human right.

For young people to have aspirations and equal opportunities and for communities to flourish.

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