our people


Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Andy has worked in education for 17 years. His specialist areas are special educational needs, inclusion and behaviour. Andy has always had a heart for education and the Middle East and he says that the opportunity to lead this charity is a dream come true. He fully believes in our strap line 'Restoration through Education' and is so excited about seeing this come to life. Andy thinks he is a comedy genius and he certainly keeps us amused! When not working for KnownValuedLoved Andy loves to spend time with his family. We love Andy's commitment to ensuring others feel Known, Valued and Loved!




Alex is Deputy Head of Law at Sheffield Hallam University. He believes that KnownValuedLoved represents an exciting opportunity to support the transformation of lives, communities and generations on a global scale - well said Alex! A solicitor by background, Alex specialises in business law but has also published in legal education and management. Alex loves to spend time with his wife and their boys whether it's going out for brunch or showing them the world. By Alex's own admission, he is old fashioned when it comes to social media so this is a rare appearance for him! We love Alex's bold faith!

The team

We have a great team of people looking after all that we do.  The Chief Executive Officer manages the day to day operations of the charity and the team of Trustees oversee the Charity and provide subject matter expertise. 


Chair of Trustees 


Matt works in global software sales and has a background in business management and recruitment. He is really important in helping to shape our team and growing our fundraising efforts. Matt tells us he turned down the life of a professional musician in the hope of becoming a cricketer! We are making good use of him while he awaits the call....! Matt is passionate about social justice and equipping young people to reach their potential. We love Matt's calm and generous nature!



Jonathan is a Youth and Children's Coordinator for the Methodist Church and has 15 years experience of working in the charity sector. Jonathan has a real passion for empowering young people and helping them reach their potential, he also has a unique obsession with Gary Mabbut's knee and non-league football! Jonathan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience for which we are grateful. We love Jonathan's tireless dedicated to others!