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We want to ensure that teachers around the world have easy access to the best resources possible. Cutting down on their planning time whilst ensuring that the quality of the work they provide for their children is good. Our teacher's toolkit is designed to provide access to resources, schemes of work, templates, and more.

We can also create bespoke resources to meet the needs of the curriculum in specific countries and education systems.


Our platform provides two useful resources for teachers: Teacher Tips and Teaching Resources.

Teacher Tips are short presentations that offer quick and practical solutions to common questions and challenges teachers face in their classrooms, serving as a reference for new and experienced teachers alike.

Teaching Resources is a library of materials for teachers to use in their lessons and classroom activities, saving time and providing inspiration for lesson planning.

Our partner schools and communities can benefit from these regularly updated resources, which cover a variety of subjects and cater to different age groups and learning styles.

Learning Alphabets
Doing Homework

English Curriculum

An English language programme has been developed with a progression map covering key areas of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing, Vocabulary, and Grammar. Teacher and student tracking documents have been created to monitor progress and identify areas of difficulty. These tools help learners understand their strengths and weaknesses, work on specific areas, and stay motivated by seeing their progress over time.

Books & Links


Our team has curated a collection of free English texts and online books suitable for various levels of English proficiency. Our goal is to build a small library of resources to support language learning.


We have also compiled a list of useful websites that offer free materials, information, books and courses for teachers and educators. These resources are intended to aid in the teaching process and assist with continued professional development.

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