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Ways to Support KnownValuedLoved

Give a One-off or Regular Gift

Donate directly using our Stewardship Account 

Give a one-off gift or set up a regular donation

'Give Us a Year', our first ever individual giving campaign!

Unlike many other charity’s monthly giving appeals we wanted to give you an opt out option! It's an opportunity to say, ‘I’ve done my bit’! and feel proud of the generosity you’ve shown, whilst being able to walk away with no guilty feeling attached! (Of course you might decide to continue)

Think about what you could commit financially over the next 12 months. Could you sacrifice one coffee a week, one takeaway a month, or one less Amazon order? This could mean you can afford to give £20, £30, or even £50 per month to KVL.

It costs us approximately £500 per year to deliver 1:1 sessions to one headteacher! That's just over £40 for one donation or two donations of £20 each.

To deliver our 'Transforming Education Project,' it costs around £1000 per year, approximately £85 per month! With 3 or 4 new donations, we could launch a new partnership with another school, impacting hundreds more children with high-quality, inclusive education

For £250 per month, we can support the salary of 3 teachers! Many of our schools lack government-paid teachers, severely limiting their capacity to meet children's needs.

Our Transforming Education Model means that by investing in one school, we will impact in 3 or 4 more schools in the region! We really will make your donation go far!!

By becoming a regular donor, you'll receive a welcome box and regular updates on our work. Plus, 10 months after your first donation, we'll remind you that your year's commitment is nearly up! You can then decide to continue or cancel your direct debit. We'll be extremely grateful for your support either way!

What do you think? Are you ready to give us a year!! With your support we can change the story for so many children and young people!


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Who would have thought drinking coffee could do so much good?
15% of each sale is donated to us!


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