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Our grant programme exists to support education providers (local NGOs, schools, etc) to improve the access to education in their community,  the quality of education available, or both.

This is partly achieved by the provision of grants (or where a direct financial transaction is not possible, the provision of resources). All grants will be applied for by the education provider and will need to demonstrate how the funds or resources aim to improve access to, or quality of the education available to members of their community.

Grants will ideally (but not exclusively) be available to organisations that have completed our Education Development Programme, and will form part of the school development plan. The grants will ideally support the creation and implementation of new initiatives and interventions designed to achieve the previously mentioned targets, and funds to cover general running costs/ overheads, etc can be included, where they can be shown to directly link to the project. In some circumstances, we will consider funding a pre-existing project, but more detailed information will be requested as to the history and previous outcomes of the project. All projects must show how they will be sustainable (financially) beyond the agreed time scales set and/ or have set agreed outcomes.

The grant pot is made up of a proportion of our income and therefore is subject to change based on projected annual income.

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