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Education Development Programme

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Helping schools, helping students, helping communities.


We help education providers (schools, NGOs, informal education settings) by working with and supporting school leaders and teachers.


Our Education Development Programme is the core element of what we do as a charity.  The model focuses on sustainable school improvement, by working alongside senior leaders from schools, education providers and local NGO’s.

With a clear focus on outcomes, culture and character development (leadership, resilience & communication), our aim is very much about encouraging reflective practice and whole school development.  Using on-line resources, videos and teaching materials followed up with weekly mentoring and coaching sessions done via video calls  - we train school leaders in all aspects of school leadership and education delivery, using up to date research and methodology. Modules include vision & values, strategic thinking, implementing and monitoring systems, as well as some specifics around teaching, learning and assessment.  The intention is to give school leaders time to reflect on the job they do, knowledge of the impact the school is having, and an understanding of how and where they can improve.

All the resources are then  available for the school leaders to use as part of a school development plan, which we support with the creation of.  This plan is about the implementation of all that has been learnt – getting teaching staff on board with the next steps and starting to implement change where it is needed the most.

As well as the core modules, there is a bank of additional, opt in modules that aim to improve practice around specific need, such as inclusion, special education needs, attachment etc.  These will be accompanied by resources that support work in education establishments, including strategies and diagnostic methods.

The initial programme takes around three months to complete, and all follow up support will be tailored to meet individual needs.


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