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KnownValuedLoved is 3 years old! 🥳

Today feels a bit surreal! I am writing this update sitting in the offices of a big corporate organisation we have partnered with as their charity of the year. It's slick, there is lots of energy and lots of people buzzing around and working hard! I can't help but continue to dream! Imagine if we had this many staff! Imagine if the brain power in this building was focused on our projects and products! How many children and teachers could we reach! How much impact could we have!

Three years ago today - when we received the email from the charity commission, this pipe dream suddenly became a bit more achievable! The dream keeps growing!


(Founder & CEO)

Just a few of our year highlights! 👇🏾

Our Birthday Wish...

Is for you to get bidding!

It is that time of year again and we are so excited to share with you our 3rd Annual Anniversary auction. We have some amazing items to bid on, so have a look, get bidding and get yourself a treat.

We have been donated some incredible things - by some very generous people and companies.

TODAY is the official launch of the Auction... so go on... get bidding!

We hope you see something you like - and good luck 😉

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