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KVL Christmas special 2022! 🎄✨


to this Christmas special edition of the KVL Newsletter!

I am currently preparing for an exciting trip to India, which has been stressful and time consuming with issues around Visas and flights - but i'm confident it will all be worth it, and I am so excited to come back and share photos and hopefully be in position to tell you about an amazing project we are hoping to launch over there. I will be writing a blog about my trip so i shall say no more about it for now!

As we approach the end of another calendar year, I wanted to say thank you for walking this journey with us - we continue to learn and grow as a charity and as we do, I'm confident that our potential for impact increases. I'm so proud of where we have got to but we know there is so much we could and need to do. I am incredibly grateful that you are helping us to do what we do.

This newsletter is therefore focused on different ways you can continue to support KVL - some you may not have even known about and some you could maybe set up and it cost you nothing extra. There may also be a couple of ideas for Christmas!

I hope all your Christmas plans are going well and I look forward to sharing about my trip over the next few weeks.

Kind Regards,

Andy Ball

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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